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this is an epic and ominous one-track album by the hyperactive Czech talent Izanasz.

Fāl-gūsh ebbs and flows, transforms in front of your eyes and emits feelings of anxiety and sleeplessness... and while its length may make it seem unapproachable, delving into it reveals a world full of intricacies, beauty and detail.


below, find a few of Izanasz's thoughts:

"Fāl-gūsh is the act of standing in a dark corner or behind a fence and listening to the conversations of passer-by, trying to interpret their statements or the subject of their dialogue as an answer to one's questions."

This track is a sort of a misinterpretation thereof, admittedly, but it's also a direct result of not being able to fall asleep and binge-recording at 4:00 AM with a head filled with crap, full of different things swirling around and bumping into one another and keeping me awake. This was just my own skewed way of listening, interpreting and acquiescing.


"Collages of hope, horror and logic run slack. An hour-long nocturnal outpouring." - ATTN:Magazine



released February 3, 2017

music & art: Izanasz



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